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The AUR was created to organize and share new packages from the community and to help expedite popular packages' inclusion into the community repository.
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43 - 49, MR; Morris DL, 2011, 'Liver Metastases', in Aigner KR; Stephens FO (ed.), INDUCTION CHEMOTHERAPY: INTEGRATED TREATMENT PROGRAMS FOR LOCALLY ADVANCED CANCERS, SPRINGER-VERLAG BERLIN, pp. GWVersion=2&Src App=PARTNER_APP&Src Auth=Links AMR&Key UT=WOS:000086170200287&Dest Link Type=Full Record&Dest App=ALL_WOS&Usr Customer ID=891bb5ab6ba270e68a Morris DL, 2000, 'Symposium on unresectable or advanced liver cancer', Asian Journal of Surgery, vol. 1 - 2, PM; Butler P; Glenn DW; Morris DL, 2000, 'Lipiodol avidity and regression of hepatic metastases from nasopharyngeal carcinoma after regional radioiodine therapy: A case report', Asian Journal of Surgery, vol. 181 - 183, DS; King J; Zhao J; Morris DL, 2000, 'Patients with hepatic metastases from colorectal cancer diagnosed by CEA or CT surveillance are more likely to have a potentially curable procedure than those with a symptomatic presentation', GI Cancer, vol. 189 - 192Morris DW; Fox BJ; Luo J; Monamy V, 2000, 'Habitat-dependent competition and the coexistence of Australian heathland rodents', OIKOS, vol. 294 - 306, Lobo C; Perret N; Morris D; Zou J; Cockayne DJH; Johnston MB; Gal M; Leon R, 2000, 'Carrier capture and relaxation in Stranski-Krastanow In As/Ga As(311)B quantum dots', Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, vol. 2737 - 2742Jourdan JL; Morris DL, 2000, 'Cryotherapy for unresectable liver cancers', Asian Journal of Surgery, vol. 16 - 21, PF; King J; Magarey C; Schwartz P; Marr P; Bolton E; Morris DL, 2000, 'Histamine, mast cells and tumour cell proliferation in breast cancer: Does preoperative cimetidine administration have an effect? 43 - 49Horsell K; Merton S; Clingan PR; King DW; Morris DL, 1999, 'Peritonectomy and intraperitoneal chemotherapy in appendiceal and colorectal cancer', Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery, pp. CO;2-NSeifert JK; Junginger T; Morris DL, 1998, '[Diameter of metastases is decisive for local treatment outcome of cryotherapy of colorectal liver metastases].', Langenbecks Arch Chir Suppl Kongressbd, vol. 1455 - 1457, R; Craig PI; Jorgeson JO; Morris DL, 1998, 'Leakage via aberrant bile duct due to cholangiocarcinoma', HPB Surgery, vol. 125 - 128Bishai AM; Wilson G; Morris DL, 1998, 'Liver metastases from carcinoid tumour are sometimes lipiodol avid - Therapeutic potential? 235 - 237Cozzi PJ; Morris DL, 1996, 'Case reports : two cases of spontaneous liver rupture and literature review', HPB Surgery, pp. CO;2-XStewart GJ; Connor JL; Lawson JA; Preketes A; King J; Morris DL, 1995, 'Octreotide reduces the kinetic index, proliferating cell nuclear antigen–maximum proliferative index, in patients with colorectal cancer', Cancer, vol. A pilot trial', Surgical Research Communications, vol. 19 - 25Bebawy M; Howes LG; Karantanis E; Morris DL, 1995, 'The effects of taxotere in combination with lipiodol on human colorectal cell lines', Regional Cancer Treatment, vol. 185 - 188Fairbrother G; King JA; Morris DL, 1995, 'the effect of a local community media educational campaign on compliance with postal faecal occult blood test (FOBT) screening', Health Promotion Journal of Australia, pp. GWVersion=2&Src App=PARTNER_APP&Src Auth=Links AMR&Key UT=WOS: A1991FU45000025&Dest Link Type=Full Record&Dest App=ALL_WOS&Usr Customer ID=891bb5ab6ba270e68a NICHOLSON SE; COOK TA; MORRIS DL, 1991, 'THE PRESENCE OF A GASTRIN-LIKE PEPTIDE IN COLORECTAL TUMORS', AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND JOURNAL OF SURGERY, vol. A50 - A50, presented at Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Annual Scientific Congress, Adelaide, SA, 03 - , Koh JL; Lim CA; Chua TC; Cohen-hallaleh R; Liauw W; Morris DL, 2011, 'Prognostic value of serum tumor marker CA125 in malignant peritoneal mesothelioma (MPM)', in ANZ Journal of Surgery, Sage Publications, Adelaid, SA, pp.
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And, after receiving an outpouring of support from the public, Anna Richardson has shared even more details of her romance, and how falling in love with the Great British Bake Off presenter changed her life.
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Thanks to the people over at La Blogotheque there's footage of this wonderful event. The whole thing, recorded in Paris, is 29 minutes long and contains Bird performing three tracks - 'Effigy', 'Tenuousness' and 'Natural Disaster' - from his latest one, "Andrew Bird qui joue du violon à la fenêtre pour dire aux invités qu’ils peuvent monter, qui nous raconte des histoires de murs qui s’effondrent et d’amours qui s’effilochent, qui siffle une de ses vieilles chansons, qui en mélange deux autres, joue plus long que prévu, sourit, nous fait vibrer...