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Many scientists argue that 16-year-olds just aren't mature enough to handle driving.

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“When you move your body you feel good, when your blood starts flowing and you start breathing,” says Jennifer Fink Oppenheimer, a New York–based yoga teacher.

“Any sort of exercise makes you feel good, but yoga specifically opens you up.” But while a vigorous Vinyasa class can be New Age–style foreplay on a budget, there are five cautionary factors to consider before unraveling your yoga mat next to your dates and joining each other in Downward Dog. Yoga Right Even if your new partner isnt a budding yogi, you can still enjoy a Zen date.

“You can learn quite a bit about somebody more quickly than in a restaurant where theres less interaction with others and its the run-of-the-mill date,” says Jennifer Macaluso-Gilmore, who coaches women on dating and relationships.

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