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Craft beer is about local ingredients, flavour and aroma. The Bendigo Festival of Cultures, to be held in March 2016, will be a week-long event bringing together Bendigonians with ties from right across the globe.

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Much of this can also apply to any of the “tribal trends” I feature here, and you can also consider this a follow up to my “Cultural Appropriation Bingo” post.The many sources I drew from are included at the end of this post.My simplistic explanation on why this behaviour is tolerated comes down to the arranged marriage.

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It furthers the stereotype that Native peoples are one monolithic culture, when in fact there are 500 distinct tribes with their own cultures.

The Latin title is "MALLEUS MALEFICARUM, Maleficas, & earum hæresim, ut phramea potentissima conterens".

(Generally translated into English as The Hammer of Witches which destroyeth Witches and their heresy as with a two-edged sword).

Kaur was also awarded the Hedgebrook Residency for fiction and The Elizabeth George grant for fiction.

She graduated with an MFA in creative writing from Mills College, and is currently exploring gender identities, community building, and the issues that impact Sikhs in America through essays.