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' because the phrase by itself has a really irrelevant (albeit interesting) meaning. Tabula rasa means 'blank slate' (tabula = tablet and rasa (feminine of rasus) = erased). Who we choose to associate ourselves with depends on our state of mind and sensibilities in that phase of our lives.In human beings, I would assume, it refers to a state where a person is unmarked by experiences; a 'virgin state of mind', so to speak. But what if we met the people we've come across at a different point in time?” The thing about a “previously” is that it’s supposed to remind us of what’s actually relevant in the previous episodes in terms of understanding what occurs in this one.Notably, then, we do not get anything about the Monster that tears down trees, or the Frenchwoman’s transmission, even though a significant portion of the character interactions in have to do with these big mythology questions.Another new element is the use of a “cold open” before the show’s title card.Let's forget all about sex and violence for a while, and just talk about Lewis Carroll, the man and his creations.Squidco Home My Account Log Out Checkout About Squidco Payment & Shipping Philosophy/F. (4 comments) One of the problems with Pilot episodes is that they’re made specifically in order to hook people (almost like fish) not just into watching a TV show, but to actually sign off on it being produced.

On the other hand, it certainly plays into the final shot of the episode, a shot full of foreboding, so it’s not like it’s pointless or anything.And often, these biases lead to the abandonment of potentially brilliant interactions.But if we could start over, with no biases, we will probably have the chance to redeem some of these 'lost' chances.The exhibition showcases art science installations by artists who interpret environmental, biological and technological data into sonic, visual and 3D representations.Artists in this exhibition explore transformative potential of art and use data as artistic medium to envision more sustainable futures from the perspective of North.Don't worry, we'll get back to the sex and violence later.