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The young wife posed for this portrait with former classmate Ghada, also a child bride, outside their mountain home in Hajjah. Like most of the girls, Tehani didn’t even know she was getting married, until the wedding night. Tehani describes how she entered the marriage, “They were decorating my hands, but I didn’t know they were going to marry me off.

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In 1999, Joe is significantly taller, towering over the other Digi Destined and even children his own age.

His hair is now longer and spikier, with bangs swept to the right.

Naturally, as with any stereotype, the meganekko can be inverted or subverted, but the vast majority in anime are sweet, smart and — when found in a major role — usually more than a challenge for a male lead to keep up with.

Occasionally she's an unpopular character within the story, but not with the fans. Whether she's Blind Without 'Em or not, they are key to her appeal.

His underwear are light blue boxers with a white band.

By 2002, Joe has gotten much taller, and has let his hair grow out to chin length, parted in the middle.

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Haruhiko Takenouchi (Father)Toshiko Takenouchi (Mother)Yamato "Matt" Ishida (Husband)Hiroaki Ishida (Father-in-law)Nancy Takaishi (Mother-in-law)Takeru "T.

After an injury, she also wears a white bandage on her left leg.

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And something about the fact that she needs glasses seems to imply an endearing vulnerability that makes her far more accessible to the average guy.

After the Yamato Nadeshiko, she's the second-best girl that a boy can bring home to meet his parents and probably the more realistic of the two.